Kan Therapy

Kan Therapy is a prophylactic-therapeutic, balancing method, including massage with essential oils, passive stretching techniques, reflective stimulation and repositioning techniques (manual techniques), special gymnastic complexes. Combining the effectiveness of the above-mentioned systems in three modules, Kan massage has the following goals:


1 Balancing one’s center of gravity.

2 Rebalancing the muscle disbalance.

3 Removing the tension in soft tissues and improving joints’ dynamics by removing functional blockages.

4 Activating the circulation of vital energy in the human body.

5Removing inflammatory processes using the Fragrances therapy.

6 Building new stereotypes: food, motor, psychogenic and social.

Building permanent reflection incentives.

8 Creating an essential oil depot with the aim of enhancing immunity.

9 Achieving hormonal balance using the combined approach.


Kan Therapy 2

Kan Therapy is a markedly holistic method. The idea is to achieve the aforementioned goals, using mainly alternative methods adapted to the modern concepts of contemporary physical therapy. Using the information from the modern diagnostic tools of the Academic medicine as well as alternative diagnostics such as iris diagnostics, bio resonance diagnostics, etc. with this method it is possible to achieve remarkable prophylactic-therapeutic results without risk of complications and meaningless mystification. It can be put on a broad research base to ensure its dynamism and adaptability. Following the basic concept of the method, namely, the change in negative stereotypes, we can significantly improve our quality of life, saving ourselves from serious illnesses leading to surgical intervention and disability. It is of particular importance to achieve the content of p.6. Dealing with the harmful effects of stress (especially current today), toxification from harmful eating habits and the use of modern gastronomic whims, as well as the improper loading of the musculoskeletal system, guarantee this task. Of course, this cannot be done for one or two procedures, but through a systemic and programmed impact, which may involve months or even years.

I would like to explain what is meant by "improper loading of the musculoskeletal system". Every living organism has its own individual zones of physical comfort. They are determined by both its habitus and its energy status, which is very dynamic and is influenced by both the daily microscopic circulation and the impact of macrocosmic cycles. Every living organism is programmed for a certain dose of load, and then it needs a corresponding rest. Outside of this program, it is unbalanced and begins to crumble.

In order to increase his / her physical potential, training is needed, which is achieved by long and well planned procedures.

Kan Therapy 3

Kan therapy allows you to make the right choice. The compilation approach increases the power of a number of alternative methods included in its unique scheme with adaptation to the basic concepts of holistic medicine and modern rehabilitation:

1 Not tohurt!

2 To have integrity!

3 To have dynamics and adaptability!


Nikolai Hristov