Kan Cream

  • Icon 1 from essential oils
  • Icon 2 100% plant origin
  • Icon 3 based on ancient Bulgarian recipe
Massage Cream Kan Cream

Useful for

  • massage on problem areas Icon 5
  • compress Icon 7
  • ultrasound application Icon 9


Massage Cream Kan Cream - 2

Is created on the basis of an ancient Bulgarian recipe and has a favorable influence on joints, muscles and peripheral nerves problems. .

The cream has positive influence on arthritis, osteoarthritis, myositis, tendomioziti, distorsio, luxations, sports injuries, neuritis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, plexitis, contractures after surgery, scars, lymph edema, disco-radicular syndrome, post flu conditions, colds, trauma prevention, frostbite, cellulite, overweight.

Massage Cream Kan Cream - 3
Massage Cream Kan Cream - 4

How to use Kan Cream?

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Kan Therapy

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Kan Cream and Kan Therapy presentation – Varna

A presentation on the subject of "Kan Cream and its application in the modern rehabilitation" was presented on the 18th of October in Aqua hotel, Varna, with lecturer Mr. Nikolay Hristov...

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